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UNCOMMON WISDOM- for Pioneers and other Brave Hearts


Please Note: The first edition is sold out and there is a limited quantity of  slighlty imperfect stock with a slight color inperfection on some of the pages, this is HARDLY noticable but the price is reduced for this reason. A second edition will be available in 2023.


Coffee Table Art Book with 15 full color animal collection

Encounter God's wisdom for your pioneering journey through the paintings and messages in this beautiful volume.  Uncommon Wisdom is the compliation of animal paintings and stories that Mandy recieved for the pioneer's heart through dreams and encounters that she experienced.

You are a pioneer, you are the Kings Architect with a commission from heaven. You were created with a mandate to take new territory and you must discover the keys to unlock your pioneer heart.

A must-read for every pioneer in process.


135 pages, 15 images (Mandy Adendorff's full animal collection )

Written and Painted by Mandy Adendorff

Forword by Dr. Brian Simmons


Softcover Book with 15 images: 11 x11. 15 full-color 11 x 11 images on archival paper (beautiful enough remove and frame.) 


Hardcover Collectors Edition/ 15 hand-signed images: 11 x 11 SOLD OUT

15 full-color 11 x11 images on archival paper, hand-signed by the artist and beautiful enough to remove and frame. 




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