About the Artist

Artist Statement

There’s something about the confidence of messy autumn leaves that interrupt groomed gardens and the vulnerable assurance of the unrivalled peony even when dropping her last petals. Nature never tries to be perfect, it simply rests in its imperfect magnificence. 


That quality of being known and seen in the rawness of imperfection is the pulse of my work. I make art that explores the intimacy between perfection and imperfection, where the unexpected and the vulnerably imperfect heighten the awareness of what is perfect.

                                                                               ~Mandy Adendorff

Mandy's Creative Journey 

She is a lover art, flowers and beauty of all kinds. Her family was blessed with a diversity of artists and her father encouraged her to dream and create art from the time she was very young. When Mandy Adendorff was twelve years old she was accepted as a full-time student at the prestigious National School of the Arts in Johannesburg, South Africa. She continued her studies as an art education teacher and continues to grow and invent through self study and through the influence and instruction of many wonderful artists. Mandy believes in the necessity of being a forever student.

Mandy was born and raised in South Africa. Her heart was moved by the hopelessness of the generation broken by racial injustice and violence. In her search to find a way to impact to the hearts of the people she loved, she discovered something remarkable about art: As she painted for her audience, the presence of God could be felt and hope would rise and overpower pain and mistrust. And so began her unusual ministry of combining art with speaking in 1993.

Mandy’s belief in the power of creativity and her passion for Africa  led her to create art workshops to be used in third world countries. She has taught these art workshops to impoverished communities both in Uganda and Rwanda.