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About the Artist


Mandy Adendorff makes art that explores beauty.


Her father was her biggest fan and he encouraged her to dream and create from the time she was very young. When she was twelve years old Mandy was accepted as a full-time student at the prestigious National School of the Arts in South Africa where she continued to invent art through the influence and instruction of many wonderful artists.


Her art is marked with a sense of beauty that goes beyond the canvas. This beauty is something that Mandy first encountered as a girl when she experienced a personal spiritual awakening which has marked her creations ever since. 


Mandy's work has inspired all sorts of art lovers; from audiences in the poorest parts of the world to art collectors internationally. 

Mandy's studio is based in Connecticut, USA.


'Beauty speaks of it's Creator'

                                                         ~Mandy Adendorff

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