About the Artist


Mandy was born into a family of diverse creatives. Her father was her biggest fan and encouraged her to dream and create art from the time she was very young. She was accepted as a full-time student at the prestigious National School of the Arts in South Africa when she was only twelve years old where she continued to invent art through the influence and instruction of many wonderful artists.

Mandy's creative endeavors are deeply impacted by her spiritual life. Her art reveals the story of the tangible peace and exhilaration that she first tapped into as a young jewish girl when she unexpectedly had a spiritual awakening with Jeshua Messiah.

Growing up in South Africa, her heart was moved by the hopelessness of a generation broken by racial injustice and violence. In her search to find a way to impact the young people she discovered something remarkable: As she painted for her audience, the peace that she experienced in God could be felt by the others. This peace would break into pain and mistrust and create hope in many people's hearts and minds. This is how Mandy's journey of combining art with speaking began.

Mandy’s belief in the power of creativity and her passion for Africa  led her to create art and equipping workshops that could be used in first and third world countries. 




Pattern and color are my muses as I lean into the secrets of the created realm. I make art that explores the intimacy between chaos and structure, where the vulnerably imperfect yet deliberate, heighten the awareness of mystery behind created things.

                                                                      ~Mandy Adendorff